Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket: The Iconic Fashion Staple

Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket: The Iconic Fashion Staple

Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket plays an important role in the well-known iconic movie-Top Gun. One of the most recognizable symbols of the movie is its iconic leather jacket that has made its mark in pop culture. This article focuses on the background behind the jacket, and its design concept, while paying attention to its style, and ways to find it.

The Background of Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket

Traced back to the 1986 hit movie “Top Gun” which starred Tom Cruise as Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a young and daring naval aviator who attends an elite fighter school known as Top Gun. Throughout the movie, Tom Cruise is seen wearing a brown leather flight jacket with various military patches on it. The jacket became so iconic that it became synonymous with both the movie and Tom Cruise’s character. Inspired by the military G-1 bomber jacket that pilots wore during World War II. Today, the Top Gun movie jacket still remains in its position as one of the most popular movie jackets of all time and an iconic fashion staple in aviation culture.

The Design Concept of Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket

Inspired by military flight jackets, the Top Gun movie jacket, particularly the G-1 bomber jacket, features a distressed brown leather material, a black fur collar, a zipper closure with a flap, and rib-knit cuffs and waistband. The jacket comes with patches that represent different military rankings and units in order to enhance the military appearance. With both style and functionality, the jacket perfectly embodies the persona of a fighter pilot.

Styles of Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket

Designed to evoke the military fighter pilot aesthetic, each style of Top Gun movie jacket can be worn by both men and women. Some popular styles of Top Gun movie jackets include:

  1. G-1 Bomber Jacket – made from distressed brown leather with a black fur collar, rib-knit cuffs, waistband, and various military patches.
  2. A-2 Flight Jacket – made from brown leather with a knit collar, cuffs, and waistband, with two front flap pockets and an inner pocket.
  3. MA-1 Bomber Jacket – made from nylon with a rib-knit collar, cuffs, and waistband, available in various colors.
  4. B-15 Flight Jacket – made from nylon, featuring a fur collar and a zip front with button flap pockets, available in various colors.
  5. CWU-45P Flight Jacket – made from nylon and polyester, featuring a front zip with snap closure and two front flap pockets.

Ways to Find the Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket

It is better for you to check for the authenticity of the jacket. Checking the reputation of the seller before making a purchase is also one of the to-do things. By following the tips above, you can rest assured that you are getting a genuine and high-quality Top Gun Maverick Jacket that meets your expectations.

Being a highly popular item, The Top Gun Maverick Jacket can be found at various locations. Some options where you can find them include:

  1. Top Gun Store: You can find the original Top Gun Maverick Jacket at the official Top Gun store.
  2. Online Retailers: The Top Gun Maverick Jacket is available on various online retail websites such as Amazon, eBay, and other fashion stores.
  3. Fashion Outlets: You can check out fashion outlets or physical stores that carry the Top Gun Maverick Jacket to purchase it in person.
  4. Custom Clothing Manufacturers: Some custom clothing manufacturers offer the option to order a customized Top Gun Maverick Jacket that is tailored to your specifications.

Overall, after reading this article, which shows you the background, the concept of designing, and also ways to find the Top Gun Maverick Movie Jacket, this jacket deserves your consideration, whether you’re seeking to add some swagger to your wardrobe or merely want to pay homage to one of the most beloved movies of all time.


What jacket was used in Top Gun?

Played by Tom Cruise, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, wears a leather G-1 Jacket which is an item that has been an option for fighter pilots since 1940. And it was called the M-422A back in ’40.

What is on Maverick’s jacket?

Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Played by Tom Cruise), is the person who originally wore a bomber jacket that featured a patch with the flags of Taiwan, Japan, the U.S.and the United Nations. The patch commemorates a U.S. battleship’s tour of Japan, Taiwan, and the Western Pacific from 1963-1964.

Do they wear aviators in Top Gun?

Maverick (Tom Cruise) Wears RB3025 Original Aviator. Designed to protect US fighter pilots’ eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, The Aviator isn’t just a statement in style.

What color was Maverick’s jacket?

It’s easy to find most of the iconic brown jackets with lamb moutan collars. However, you need to check out the G-1 Leather Top Gun Jacket by Flight Jacket if you want to go full-on Maverick and look dap in all those patches.

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