The Top Gun Maverick Jacket: Popular but Not Available in China

The Top Gun Maverick Jacket: Popular but Not Available in China

The Top Gun Maverick Jacket is an iconic piece of clothing, and with the release of the Top Gun in 1986, bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses were all the rage. In 2022, with the release of the movie Top Gun: Maverick, the Top Gun Maverick jacket also gained a lot of attention and took the fashion market by storm. But despite its broad appeal, the Top Gun Maverick jacket is not yet available in China. The following article will explore the history and characteristics of the Top Gun Maverick Jacket and examine why it is not available in China.

What is the Top Gun Maverick Jacket?

The Top Gun Maverick jacket is a leather bomber first introduced in 1986 in the original Top Gun film. The “Top Gun: Maverick” bomber jacket is a replica of the jacket worn by actor Tom Cruise in the Top Gun: Maverick movie. Crafted from sheepskin leather, and premium velvet materials, and featuring shark-tooth-patterned zippers and a ‘title patch’, this jacket will become a collectible for film buffs and pop culture buffs alike. Additionally, the jacket has a unique design that includes patches and badges indicating the wearer’s aviation rating and affiliation。

History of the Top Gun Maverick Jacket

The history of the Top Gun Maverick Jacket is intricately linked with the Top Gun movie’s history. The G-1 leather jacket is a defining article of clothing for Maverick, and it has become synonymous with both the character and the movie. The jacket has a rich history, dating back to the 1930s when the Navy introduced the M-422 jacket and standardized it in 1940.

During World War II, leather jackets were rarely adorned with patches, but after the war, personalized patches became more popular.

In 1947, the Navy introduced the Spec 55-J-14 jacket, the first to be designated as “G-1” on its label. The G-1 was modified to prevent bunching up when the crew sat down. As the jet age dawned, new flight clothing was needed, and the MA-1 nylon jacket was introduced. However, it did not provide fire protection.

In 1972, the military introduced summer and winter weights of the jacket. Modern replicas of the G-1 jacket, like the one worn by Maverick, are widely available today.

Features of the Top Gun Maverick Jacket

High Quality

The Top Gun Maverick Jacket boasts several features that make it a favorite among aviation enthusiasts. One of its key features is its high-quality construction, which speaks to the jacket’s durability and longevity. The jacket’s construction typically involves the use of premium materials, such as sheepskin leather, which is known for its texture, durability, and unique look. The jacket’s velvet lining also ensures a comfortable fit, making it an ideal choice for pilots who need to stay warm and protected during long flights.

Unique Design

Furthermore, the jacket features a unique design that sets it apart from other bomber jackets on the market. Its patches and insignia are not only functional, but they also add to the jacket’s overall aesthetic appeal. It features shark-tooth-patterned zippers and a ‘title patch’. In addition, the G-1 jackets, as explained by Maverick in Top Gun, have personalized patches that usually signify important milestones such as carrier landing and flight times, deployments, and aircraft flying. Maverick’s jacket has a special patch commemorating the USS Galveston (CLG-93) real-life Far East Cruise Line 63-4, featuring the flags of Japan, Taiwan, the United Nations, and the United States.

Overall, the Top Gun Maverick Jacket’s features make it a must-have for aviation enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike. Its high-quality construction, comfortable fit, and unique design ensure that it will remain a popular choice for years to come.

Why is the Top Gun Maverick Jacket Not Available in China?

Political Controversy

The Top Gun Maverick jacket has attracted controversy for its maverick patch on the back. Notably, Maverick’s jacket includes a patch commemorating the USS Galveston (CLG-93) real-life Far East Cruise Line 63-4, depicting the flags of the United States, the United Nations, Japan, and Taiwan. The design could anger China. Taiwan is Chinese territory, and Beijing sees the Taiwanese flag as a symbol of independence and defiance.

Also, the release of the “Top Gun: Maverick” movie has caused controversy in China, as some Chinese citizens have called for a boycott of the film because of its perceived pro-American themes.

In addition to the political controversy, there were copyright issues that prevented the Top Gun Maverick jacket from being sold in China. Jacket designs and patches are protected by copyright law and therefore may not be legally copied or sold without permission of the copyright owner.

Unfortunately, this has led to a proliferation of counterfeit Top Gun Maverick jackets in China, affecting sales of genuine jackets and making it harder for buyers to be sure they are buying the real thing.


The Top Gun Maverick Jacket is the embodiment of America’s aviation and military prowess. Its timeless appeal is a testament to its superior design and construction, as well as its deep connection to the famous Top Gun movie. Unfortunately, political controversies and copyright issues have prevented the jacket from being sold in China, limiting its access and making it harder for aficionados to obtain authentic products in China.


Is Top Gun: Maverick allowed in China?

As of now, it is unclear if Top Gun: Maverick will be allowed in China or not. The movie has not yet been approved for release in China by the country’s Film Bureau. The decision to approve or ban a foreign movie in China is based on various factors, such as political content, sensitive themes, and cultural relevance.

Why does Maverick’s jacket have a Taiwan flag?

Regarding the Taiwan flag on Maverick’s jacket, it is important to note that it was not a deliberate decision by the filmmakers. The flag was included on the jacket as a part of the original design in the first Top Gun movie in 1986. At that time, the United States did not officially recognize the People’s Republic of China, which led to the inclusion of the Taiwan flag on the jacket as a representation of the United States’ support for Taiwan. The filmmakers of Top Gun: Maverick chose to maintain the original design of the jacket as a tribute to the original movie and its cultural significance. However, the inclusion of the Taiwan flag has caused controversy in China, where it is seen as a symbol of separatism, and has led to calls for a boycott of the movie.

What kind of jacket does Maverick wear in Top Gun?

The jacket that Maverick wears in Top Gun is known as the G-1 bomber jacket. It is a type of leather flight jacket that has been worn by military aviators since World War II. The G-1 jacket is made of high-quality leather and has a fur collar and ribbed cuffs and waistband. It also features a front zipper closure and several pockets on the front. Maverick’s G-1 jacket in Top Gun has patches on the front and back, including a “Top Gun” patch, which became an iconic part of the jacket’s design and has since become a popular fashion item. The G-1 jacket is still in use by the United States Navy and is considered a symbol of military aviation heritage.

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